11 Reasons Why Eid-ul-Adha Is The Best

The Animals. Let’s admit it; nothing beats the fun of playing with gaye and bakrey. We all become circus masters because we want to train our animals to do stunts and show them off.

1. Mandi Time With Friends

It’s crazy and you know it, like a mini adventure.

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2. The Crazy Stories

We all know how crazy Pakistanis are with their janwar. These stories range from the crazy diets they give to the way they transport them.


3. The Eid Namaz

Nothing promotes the feeling of brotherhood than Eid. Warm hugs, salams and duas everywhere


 4. Eid Shopping

Shopping, need I say more?

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5. Barbecue Parties

Man oh man. Just saying the word fills your mouth with saliva. But brace yourself for a moth long smell of sizzling meat and aromas of the spices; because you’re can’t be a Muslim and dislike juicy, spicy meat.

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6. Dawats

Because we love our family

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7. The Holidays

Because the hartals, and the very often public holidays are never enough

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8. Marks End Of Hajj

Hajj is a very important obligation for a Muslim. There is no emotion equal to that which you experience during Hajj: purity, serenity, peace, happiness and love

Kaaba Mecca Saudi Arabia

9. Cow/Goat Seeing

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10. Karachiites Know A Trip To See AKD’s Animals Is A Must

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11. Walks With Bae

And by bae I mean you animals. You know you can’t live without pampering them by taking them on an occasional stroll

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