11 Perks of Being a ‘Kabab Mein Haddi’

Being ‘Kebab main haddi’ is not bad always…… It has perks of its own .

1. You Get Free Stuff

They make expensive plans and get busy in romance and you enjoy everything, sometimes you end up eating their food, using their tickets, spending their vouchers …


2. You Get To Learn From Them

They make mistakes and you learn from them


3. You Get To Master The Psychology Of Opposite Gender

They come to you and complain, you hear love story from both of them.


4. You Get To Master The Mind Games

You know stories of both sides … Can easily blackmail them *Wink Wink*

Full House Jacks and Queens

5. Muft Kay Visits And Entertainment 

You get to hang out and witness the non-stop drama.


6. Turns You Into A Love Guru

When your time comes, you act like a pro!

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7. Blind follower

Being a third wheel means you are following your instincts and you don’t take decisions to please others . You have  the guts to be in awkward places.


8. Chance To Have A Better Relationship

If you are a third wheel then there is one guarantee that your relationship will be better. You will not make the same mistakes all couples make.

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9. The Wiser You Are, The Better Partner You Choose


10. They Envy You

Remember, no matter how happy they’re in their relationship, deep down inside they envy your freedom.Their romance has a shorter life span than your freedom.

more ready

11. Enjoy The Ride

Enjoy and take notes too …

enjoy the ride




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