11 Games Every 90’s Kid Played but The New Generation Will Never Enjoy!

When it comes to having fun, 90’s kids have done it all, today’s generation might have many different gaming consoles and high tech games on phones, but they are actually missing out on some real games. There are some games, which only the 90’s born would be able to relate, such beautiful memories…

1. Maram Peeti

Mu ki off hai WM

Source: Tennisclip

2. Baraf Paani

Baraf Pani WM

Source: Mystockphoto

3. Rock Paper Scissor


Source: Mystockphoto

4. Pittu Up

Pittu WM

Source: Desinema

5. Oonch Neech

oonch neech WM

Source: Youtube

6. Monopoly

monopoly WM

Source: Renspandy

7. Ludo

ludo Wm

Source: aishaevamarieogradyali.blogspot

8. Hobscotch

hobscotch Wm

Source: Free-extras

9. Hand Cricket A.K.A Head Tails

Hand cricket WM

Source: Iaam

10. Chuppan chupai A.K.A Hide n Seek

chupan chupai WM

Source: Franthony

11. Book Cricket

Book Cricket WM

Source: Blunderconstruction

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