11 Desi Tips For Anger Management

Desi ko calm down kerna mushkil hi nahi na mumkin hai!

1. Calm Down Before You Talk

So you don’t say something too dramatic . . . but be reasonable and un-offensive preferably


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2. Express Your Anger In A Suitable Way

Don’t say anything you wouldn’t be able to take back or abusive . . . or get physical

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3. Exercise

Burn those mean hormones! Release all that negative energy somewhere constructive

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4. Be Solution Based

Look for a solution – do not exaggerate the problem

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5. Avoid Holding Grudges

 Forgive and Forget  . . .  or at least forgive

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6. Try To Understand The Other Persons Point Of View

There maybe some element you missed in your side MAY BE


7. Change The Way You Think

Or not . . .


8. Talk To Someone And Vent

No not to everyone that’s not what we meant

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9. Maybe Learn To Accept Your Mistakes?

Or not  . . .

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10. Blame Game Never Helps

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11. Plot Your Revenge Silently

Just so they never see it coming

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