11 Cute Little Things That Make Every Desi House Special

Born in a desi household? Chances are that you can relate to ALL of these.

1. After Every Few Hours Your Parents Want Chai (Tea)!


2. Jub Har Problem Ka Solution Is: “Beta Shaadi Karlo”


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3. And If That Doesn’t Work Out: “Bacha Paida Karlo, Sub Theek Ho Jaie Ga”


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4. Everything You Eat Is Savored In Garlic, Onion And Tomatoes


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5. You Arrive An Hour Or 2 Late To A Function Because It’s Normal


6. Just About Every Desi Household Has This In Common


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6. Crop Top Is A Big NO NO, Laykin Ghagra Choli? So Pretty


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7. Your Parents Lecture You To Not Talk In English At Home


8. We Tend To Be The Most Judgmental People

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9. Your Parents And Relatives Talk For An Hour At The Door


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10. No Matter If You Have Water At Your Home Or Not, You’ll Always Have A 40 KG Bag Of Basmati Rice In Your Kitchen Closet

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11. Everyone Is A Doctor When You Have Any Kind Of Medical Issue

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