8 Countries That Beat Pakistan In Vehicle Overloading

Pakistanis have long been famous for overloading vehicles but the surprising thing is that they are not the only ones doing it in the world. Here are pictures from all around the globe that shows that the whole world does it!

1. Kenya

 Overloaded-vehicles-parhlo (2)

2. Vietnam

Overloaded-vehicles-parhlo (3)Overloaded-vehicles-parhlo (5)Overloaded-vehicles-parhlo (9)Overloaded-vehicles-parhlo (8)

3. Cambodia

Overloaded-vehicles-parhlo (4)

4. India

Overloaded-vehicles-parhlo (1)Overloaded-vehicles-parhlo (15)

5.  China (Shanghai)

Overloaded-vehicles-parhlo (6)Overloaded-vehicles-parhlo (13)

China (Xuji)

Overloaded-vehicles-parhlo (10)

China (Hangzhou)

Overloaded-vehicles-parhlo (12)

Overloaded-vehicles-parhlo (14)

6. Sahara Desert

Overloaded-vehicles-parhlo (7)Overloaded-vehicles-parhlo (11)

7. Bangladesh


8. Cambodia Thailand Border


Images Source: Facebook

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