10-year-old Amal Umer Lost Her Life And We Demand Justice

10-year-old Amal Umer Lost Her Life And We Demand Justice

Something soul-shattering happened last month, just a day before Naya Pakistan was to emerge. A little girl lost her life and nobody in their power could do anything. Rather as stated by the little girl’s mother, “Everyone in their power made sure that our daughter would not make it back home…”

Amal Qureshi, 10-years-old was shot dead on Karachi’s busiest road. Beenish Qureshi, Amal’s mother who’s a filmmaker decided to voice the incident and wrote it down. It was only then, a vast majority of Pakistan got to know what actually happened on the night of 13th August 2018.

Beenish and Umer; decided to take their two daughter’s to their first ever concert, Anaya, 6-year-old and Amal, 10-year-old were all too excited about it. It was only then when the parents thought to take a shorter route and moved to Korangi road. The car stopped at the signal followed by a knock on Umer’s window. The mugger looted Umer’s phone and Beenish’s handbag after which, they were calming the kids and moved the car.

The parents had an interview and all they are left with is plain sorrow

What the parents have to say about the tragic incident on the night of 13th August. #JusticeforAmal #AmalUmer

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Just when the car started moving, they heard a few gunshots and one of them hit the windshield. When the parents looked back to check on their girls, 6-year-old Anaya was hugging her father’s seat and Amal, who was holding her mother’s phone, was lying in the back seat when her mother jolted her to see if she’s okay; only to realize that her daughter has been shot.

Amal was shot in her head and was still breathing. They rushed her to the nearest hospital which happens to be NMC and their they intubated her along with Ambu bag; after which the hospital asked the parents to move Amal to another hospital since they can’t do anything.

The kid died in pain, and it pained her parents who were helpless by the circumstances

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After a constant fight with the hospital, for giving them assistance to handle the little girl’s critical condition while trying to arrange another ambulance from other hospitals, the parents were confused as what to do and it was 13th August. The city was lit and celebrating, roads were crowded. They couldn’t get any ambulance from any hospital and it was the last time Beenish went into the emergency room to see her daughter take her last breath!

The bullet that actually was mistaken by parents; who thought it was by the muggers who robbed them was not really by them. The robber was killed too, then why would the robber aim at the victim’s car?! The bullet was hit by the police, who cross-fired on the busiest roads of Karachi; which resulted to be the worse of protection police could ever give.

When the whole country was celebrating, Amal was battling with life.

The pain is indeed unbearable

Rather just ensure this never happens again

Rest in peace, dear kid!

Maybe this could knock some sense into the medical institutes

May no parent has to see this day

While the parents were put on the phone with the Aman Foundation to arrange ambulance, they denied the ambulance because they needed the confirmation of bed in some hospital prior to sending the ambulance.

Aman Foundation’s apology would not do much recovery now. Alas!

This indeed is the most sorrowful incident to ever happen. May the kids stay protected!

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