10 Weirdest Uses For Vodka You Have Ever Heard

Vodka is the most versatile drink in the world from old fashioned “White Russians” too Suave and sophisticated “Martinis” it can be mixed and drank in any way possible and you can even chug it down if your feeling particularly brave. However other than for the occasional drink or the all out party, vodka can be used for many other purposes.

1. Repels Insects

A shot a day keeps the insects away. Spraying yourself with a little vodka can keep mosquito and other creepy crawlies away!


2. Keeps Flowers Alive Longer

Mixing a little vodka and sugar in the water you have kept your flowers in will keep them alive longer!


Source: www.omgfacts.com

3. Treats Poison Ivy

Soothes the rash and irritation from poison Ivy


Source: www.wikihow.com

4. Freshens Laundry

A spirits of vodka on your laundry after wash will keep it fresh for days


Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

5. Shines Silver Jewelry

Wipes clean, tough stains from silver and metal.


Source: https://www.polyvore.com/

6. Soothes Jelly Fish Stings

Tired of ‘the old rubbing an onion on a sting’ try healing it with vodka!


Source: www.jellyfishfacts.net

7. Gives You Soft Silky Hair

An ounce of vodka mixed with your shampoo will make your hair silky as hell!

How to get smooth silky hair Here are 3 the best remedies!


Source: www.ko-te.com

8. It Cleans Mold

Vodka Kills Mold! So you can use it to clean bathroom and kitchen tiles !


Source: www.bedfordshire.tiledoctor.biz

9. Cleans Smudges On glasses

Vodka cleans glass and gets rid of any pesky smudges


Source: www.instructables.com

10. Takes Gooey Residue Off Things


    Source: www.buzzfeed.com

So next time you get caught with a bottle of vodka, tell them it’s for cleaning your clothes or shining your earrings !


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