10 Ways To Know That She likes You Too!

It is very hard to tell if a girl you have a crush on likes you back. Girls are not very open with their feelings for the most part and even when they are they end up sending you mixed signals which always leave you confused. Here are 10 surefire ways to know whether your crush likes you back or not.

1. She Makes An Effort To Sit Close To You

Even if she’s with her friends, if you show up she will try and sit next to you.


2. You Can Make Her Blush Easily

Just with a smile and a wave you can make her cheeks go red.

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3. She Enjoys Herself When Shes Around You

She will laugh at your jokes and genuinely be interested in what you are saying .

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4. She Maintains Eye Contact

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5. She Wants To Keep The Conversation Going


6. She Keeps On Bumping Into You By “Accident”

She changes her routes and schedule to link with yours.

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7. She Lets You know About Her Personal Life

She is always willing to tell you things about her life.

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8. She Trusts You

She will want to tell you all of her secrets !

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9. She Wants Your Attention

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10. She Wants You To Open Up To Her

She will do anything to make you feel comfortable around her…

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