10 Ways To Overcome Depression

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As much as it breaks my heart to say this but it has become important for the people to understand that the young ones nowadays are not as young from their hearts as they should be. Parents need to look after their children even more because depression is becoming more common among them every day. We need to realize that no matter how ridiculous the problem sounds to you, but it is as real and as painful as it can get for them. They need the love and support from their parents rather than being completely shut off by them. Help your children fight through the pain because in this age they should not be enjoying their ‘jawani’. Following are some ways to fight depression from your own end because it’s you who has to go through the struggle yourself at the end of the day.

  1. I Admit I Have A Problem

The first most important step in coming out of that dark place is to admit to yourself that you are in a place where you are not supposed to be. Any help from any source will be of no use if the person suffering from depression does not break his outer shield and choose to help himself. Depression is one disorder that can be treated without even seeing a psychologist, only if you are willing to treat yourself.

  1. Who Am I?

We often have this illusion in our mind that we know ourselves better than any other person but sometimes it’s nothing more than a deception. Knowing all your shadows, helps a person in reaching the stage of self-actualization where you know what your true goal is. Living life in denial based on any reason always keeps the heart heavy and unable to see the world with a brighter perspective. You need to think what you are and what you want in order to know what true happiness means to you.

  1. Hey, Will You Be My Friend?

Friends at this point in life are the most important and influencing beings around. While choosing friends one should be careful enough to think whether you belong in the group or not or whether they are good enough for you. Peer pressure gets a person involved into a lot of activities that you might regret later in life. So many students have made the wrong the decision and started drugs which eventually led to depression. Or even being around people who you know will hurt you, physically or even emotionally, leads you to a constant depressive phase. Bad people are good to hang out with sometimes but not worthwhile to stick for long.

  1. Supervision

We are born with different archetypes in our mind that has formed different ideas of situations and relationships we come across in life. One of them is the wise old man archetype. This archetype tells that an elderly person even if he is uneducated; is an immensely inspiring source of wisdom. With the help of his experience, he will be able to guide us through the decisions taken in life. Also talking to an adult about our problems can always be a stress relief for one as the catharsis is followed by advice and love from them.

  1. I’ll Be There for You

This phrase always reminds me of the ever famous TV show, friends. It’s good to have someone by your side with whom you can talk, who will bear your mood swings, who might not give you the right advice but will always hold your hand no matter what blunder you might have managed to make. If you have someone so faithful to you in your life, do not under any circumstances lose or distant them from you. Let all your emotions out to him because not everybody is good enough to listen.

  1. Catharsis, But In The Right Amount

It is always a good idea to let your emotions out to someone who is putting himself out there for you but do you really think this is him? Sometimes it is difficult to judge people whether they are true to you or not. They might not be bad people but not everyone has the ability to listen. Even if the person you are talking to is a true and loyal friend, talking about problems and sadness prevailing in your life all the time can be a reason for you to lose someone like that. If they are sweet enough to listen to you in time of need, as a return to this gesture, one can try to be happy and talk good just to elate him that you were able to come over your devastation because of them. If done a lot, catharsis can be misunderstood as whining and could be a reason to send people the wrong vibes.

  1. Self-Catharsis

If things are being mushed up inside, it ends up making the person feel an itch that is crying out loud to bleed. All you need to do is to take the pressure off it and let it bleed. So what if you don’t want to talk to someone about it? So what if someone does not want to help? You, yourself are a strong person, who can deal with their emotions just fine. Find yourself a peaceful place, your own shell, where you can spend as much time alone as you want to and talk to yourself out loud. Self-Catharsis is sometimes even better than talking to someone else as you are the one who knows everything that you might not be able to describe to others. It also lets a person think where he went wrong and could work to amend his personality.

  1. Don’t think About It

A mind is something so powerful that it can even heal a person suffering from a life threatening disease or make him suffer from somatic diseases. The first step taken towards healing is to get involved in activities that you have always loved. Depression usually makes the person aloof and uninterested in his daily or even favorite habits. Keeping them in your regular routine is a good way to get your mind off from thinking about where your life is proceeding. While engaging into such activities the excessive energy is being utilized in a healthy form and also sometimes it’s good not to know the answer of everything. Some things are best untold and folded in the secret hollow of our darkness.

  1. Make Your Fantasy

How bad is it to have a fantasy that Ian Somerhalder is holding you in his arms and rescuing you from all the bad boys, and what if it’s right after your break up? Or a fantasy where you beat up all those girls who have been bullying you? It is healthy to find yourself a fantasy of your own world where things are just the way you want them to be. Rather than thinking and stressing yourself because of your dilemmas, why not think about the most ideal situation that you could ever be in. Fantasies always help to widen our perspective towards life but only if done in the right amount. Do not start depending on your fantasies so much that you start losing your contact to reality.

  1. Dance It All Out

Did you ever start dancing right after yelling at someone or after crying all your heart out? Oh yes! You cannot imagine how that feels. You do not even let those bad thoughts come to you. If you see them coming, lock the door, stand in front of the mirror, put on your ear phones and just dance with the beat. It will relax each and every body part that has been telling you to go stress about your life. Eventually after dancing you will be exhausted and will be able to have a nice and sound sleep without any devastation eating your brain.

Life does give us lemons and its okay to be disappointed sometimes but all you need to know is that you important. Even if you have not met someone who has told you this, one day will come when you will find all the good people in the world who will be willing to accept and love you the way you are so live for that day, live good and strong for that day. No matter what life tells, you need to tell it to go away and haunt someone else because you are not falling for the trap. The minute you will start living for yourself, the world will become a way more better place for you.

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