10 Underrated Pleasures of Having a TV in Your Bedroom

As you grow up, you become increasingly peculiar about decorating your room and having it personalized with your choice. You treat it as your castle, your man cave or your fortress. It could be the personal area that gets your brain ticking. But what about the part where your room remains one-stop of leisure and fun? Your smartphone or laptop cannot always help and nothing compares to a larger screen with top-notch display and sound.

So, here are all the underrated pleasures of having a TV in your bedroom:

1. Just the thought of having a TV in your room feels great


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2. Imagine having the remote only and only in your control

No one to snatch from. No more getting annoyed by people who always change the channels.

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3. You feel like you have the front row tickets to your favorite show/movie all the time

You must never make the mistake of missing the breathtaking sight of Night King’s blue-eyed dragon breathing fire next time!

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4. Nothing beats the pleasure of lying on your bed like a lazy turtle with a bag of chips, binge-watching your favorite show

Sorted your Sunday afternoon here. Now that LED TVs have Wi-fi connectivity, you can absolutely download your favorite Movies/TV Shows and watch them directly without the hassle of transferring from another device.

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5. Instead of catching up on an episode on your smartphone or laptop, why not enjoy better sound and picture on that giant and gorgeous screen right across on the wall

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Oh yeah, no more plugging your device to have 100% battery.

6. A TV in bedroom equates to enjoying midnight football without waking anyone up

Unless you are an Arsenal fan, Champions League football will be great to watch this season.

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7. Invite your friends over, play video games and whatnot…

Those FIFA battles.

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8. No need to compromise on situations where your dad asks you to switch to News or your mom tells you to watch HUM TV with her

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9. How do full-screen Skype sessions sound to you?

This is a life savior when your family members or spouse are always traveling. Not to forget, you can catch up with your best friend who just went abroad for their education.

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10. All those special videos you’ve made for people, play them on that giant screen!

Those birthday reels would look gorgeous on a 32″ Smart TV with Highest HD Resolution of Vizio that Yayvo is set to launch. Play special videos compiled on your wedding using the highest level of connectivity with 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB & 1 VGA Ports, 4GB Flash Memory and 512 MB RAM.

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And hey, it’s always a wiser choice to shop online for a TV because it’s on a budget as you can enjoy exclusive discounts. With deals offering discounts up to Rs. 3000, it’s surely a steal, guys!

Take note, guys and get going with buying a TV for your bedroom!

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