10 Unbelievable Truths Only Guys with Girl BFFs Understand!

10 Unbelievable Truths Only Guys with Girl BFFs Understand!

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Almost all men with women best friends deal will relatable situations and have normal day to day interactions. You know when she gets a bit too easy around you, but you don’t judge her for not thinking twice before saying something utterly stupid! If you have a/many girl BFFs, you will relate to this.

1) She makes you look a lot more desirable, thanks to her fashion guidance.

BFF 1  source: google

Oh yes. All women are aware of your exquisite ‘taste’, but your bestie knows the do’s and don’ts of fashion.

2) You pack goodies with you’re going to meet her, as eating the pain away is the only thing that helps while you wait
at least an hour for her to get ready.

bff 2  source: google

At least you will have something to do, and won’t end up looking like this!

3) You get the perks of being the BFF: If she invites all her girlfriends to the club you manage to get in with them for free!

bff 3  source: google

Being a part of her entourage makes you the coolest person ever. Free bar entrance, girls all around.

4) You will always be misjudged. When she has a boyfriend you have to deal with him being jealous of your relationship all the time.

bff 4  source: google

It will literally get you into bitch fights with the boyfriend. It’s all good. Happens.

She knows exactly the kind of women you dig and is very very good at setting you up 😛

bff5  source: google

That girl right there? Give me two minutes and stay ready at night“, the usual conversation you will have with your bestie regarding dates.

Your guy friends always ask if you can hook them up with her, but hell no because no one is good enough for your BFFL. 

bff 6  source: google

Nope, not her man.

Your devotion to her is always misinterpreted. You’re like brother and sister.

bff 7  source: google

Yep, that is exactly how it is.

8) You have heard the line, “I hate all men, and they are a*******. EXCEPT FOR YOU!” over 1,000 times.

bff 8  source: google

You are the only man for her who is an angel sent by God.

When she gets cryptic messages from guys you become the expert guy-translator.

bff 9  source: google

You are the only walking, talking Google translator she ever needed!

And you’re living proof that men and women can indubitably be BFFs!

bff 10  source: google

BFFs till death will do you apart!




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