10 Types of Teachers Every Pakistani Student Comes Across

In our many years of education, we are bound to come across certain teachers whose character never fails to make us laugh… or cringe. Then whether they’re ‘hip and happening’ cool teachers, or total desi ustaads, here are some of them you will definitely meet at some point in your student life.

The Mr. “I run the world” teacher

That one teacher who will always answer your question on algebraic manipulation with the way his “Harvard” or “Yale” professor taught him. You’re always told he graduated from this university and was taught by the best teachers and you will never match up to him no matter how hard you try.

When you graduate it’s more likely you know more about his whole biography than about the course he taught. Chances are, he may even try to give out autographs.

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The 40-year-old flirt teacher

That one teacher who gives that one favorite girl extra marks just because she has the talent of being pretty.
Find someone your own age to flirt with, back off, old man!

“Ye lo, mera number, facebook, snapchat, instagram, twitter, ghar ka address… for studies related things of course ;)”

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The English teacher that teaches “Ainglish” instead

Not to make fun of you teachers, we love you all, but your English just makes us LOL. Be careful or she will “out you from the class!”

While he/she is doing Urdu-English translations in class, “naak mai dum kerna” means to “strengthen the nostrils!” and “izzat ki naak kat gayi means “my honour’s nose has been chopped off!”

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That teacher that can’t keep his awfully large nose out of students business

“Tumhari ammi ko pata hai tumhara Ahmed ke saath chakar chal raha hai?”

They’re always up in your business and the staff room becomes an XOXO Gossip Girls haven. They know more about your past relationships than you will ever know, probably because half of it isn’t even true!

They jam to their motto “pyaar mohabbat dhoka hai, PARHLO beta, mauqa hai!”

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The friend/counselor teacher you can always bond with

Luckily, when all other teachers fail you, there’s that one teacher who can be your mom at school, saving you from the relentlessly annoying school routine you go through every day.

“Agar koi bhi problem ho tou meray paas aana” and surely they have the magic wand to fix your problem!

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That one young teacher who is everyone’s first crush

You find yourself choosing her subject only because she teaches it. Her Accounts class will always have 88% guys, half of whom aim to be doctors!
Every student starts thinking of himself as Shahrukh khan from ‘Main hoon na’… ‘Aik larki ko dekha to aisa laga!’

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‘Mr know It all’ who doesn’t know anything

We all know that one teacher who claims to have entire textbook ‘ratofied but doesn’t know the difference between an electron and proton. The notes that Google thankfully provides us with are supposedly ‘written by her’. He/She answers your question with another question because they already know everything . . . but do they?

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That teacher who thinks he’s still in high school

They will always try to use the language kids these days use: They will LOL and ROFL because something made them WTF!
Their lectures begin with: ‘Haan bhai, aaj ka scene ye hai…’

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The teacher who has absolutely no life outside of school

Their hobbies include giving you 20 questions to solve each day because what else do we have in life other than Add Math?
Their idea of ‘fun’ includes ‘extra’ reading ‘extra’ homework and ‘extra’ classes!

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The teacher who answers every question with a life lesson

You can never live through one class without learning about the importance of ‘honesty’ ‘kindness’ and how ‘a single mistake can ruin your life’..okay then, make me question my entire existence all day every day!
If your margins aren’t straight enough then ‘aapki ghalti nahi hai, apki tarbiat ki ghalti hai’
Because everything just has to get blamed on our ‘tarbiat’!

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