10 Types Of People You Could Find Around You In An Examination Hall

To judge the sincerity of a friendship and passion in love, an examination hall is in true essence a litmus paper. Doodh ka doodh or paani ka paani hojata hai! All the promises, commitments, and care can vanish or prolong. The examination hall is like a battlefield where you have to keep an eye on every single movement, where you have to be careful about the surroundings and to perform better than ever. And if you haven’t prepared for the exams, then you should be even more careful about the above-mentioned precautions.

However, the people around you in examination halls are worthier than monuments of Pakistan. Every time I appeared in the exams in my 16 years of education, I found new wonders each day. Here are a few of them:

1. The Real Parhakoo


Source: Dungarees & Degrees

This is the only creature in an examination hall who is writing continuously. It has also been observed that this creature might be an alien, who neither listens or understands any language you’re speaking.

2. The Bechara Ex-Student


Source: Debra

After passing through the toughest phase of life (read exams), the one who succeeded is a ‘Ghazi’ and the one who failed is a ‘Bechara’. You can find them on the last benches along with other ‘becharas’, where they sit in the hope of madad-e-khudawandi.

3. The Extra Sheet Wala

This one is the most manhoos person in an examination hall, who distracts the whole room with just three magical words. ‘Extra sheet, please”.


Source: GradeSlam

4. The Dumb One

This student comes in the hall for the sake of ‘khandaan ki izzat’, but his/her scared face says it all that “subha he kitab kholi thi


Source: Giphy

5. The Selfish One


Source: The Telegraph

This type of student belongs from the ‘munafiqeen’ I should say. They are writing at the speed of 120 words per minute but when you ask them to confirm an answer, they reply with a standard “yaar! mujhe bhi isi ka nae aarha“.

6. The Daredevil


Source: Giphy

Only a few have the guts in the examination hall who dare to cheat in front of a strict invigilator.

7. Sachay Aashiq


Source: Tumblr

The love birds never miss a chance of dating even in the examination hall, they choose the corner seats from where they could see, touch *censor* each other. Their only effort is to write what the other one has written, so that both would get equal marks. Uff Ye Mohabbat!

8. The “Nerdy” One


Source: Giphy

These are the most “laiq faiq” baqaul their mothers, but actually, they are the stupidest ones who keep smiling during the whole time frame of those three hours and never try to look at the question paper after writing their names at 9:05 a.m.

9. The Confusion Creator


Source: Funnyjunk

Option C is the right wait, no no, B wala theek hai…

After a few seconds

Yaar tu ne kya likha hai? me bhi usey hi mark krdeta hun.

Me: Ughhh

10. Khidmat-e-Khalq Ka Jazba Rakhney Wala


Source: drinking in your thirties

This type of student is the savior of all. They love to help you without being afraid of the ‘kharoos’ invigilator.

If you want to add more to the list, please comment below!

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