10 Traits Of Filmy Heroes That No Man Possesses

Here are some of the traits that only filmy heroes posses and real men try to live up to …

1. Nursing

Have you ever seen a man nursing his loved ones like a mother ?

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2. Poetic

This specie who is hard to talk to is so good with poetry in films , how ?

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3. Sensitive

larkian , people with such sensitive hearts are called ”larkian ”

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4. Color combination

Chechora , guy with these colors in dress is called chechora ..


5. Good Dancer

How many men you know who are good dancers and love to dance this much?

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6. Romantics

In movies they are so smooth , so good …But in real life they are such a bore .

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7. Crying

Hero will cry like a little girl which is odd for a real man to do .

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8. Abs

They always have perfect abbs along with really hectic career ?


9. Successful At 20

Now how can someone make billions at this age ? All by himself ? Men who earn this much look like ……well, have a look at Malik Riaz or Mian Mansha , they sacrifice their lives , youth and all of their hair to get to the top .


10.Tareefain , Tareefain …

They are so generous with appreciation , soooo generous …


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