10 Traits Of Filmy Heroes That No Man Possesses

10 Traits Of Filmy Heroes That No Man Possesses

Here are some of the traits that only filmy heroes posses and real men try to live up to …

1. Nursing

Have you ever seen a man nursing his loved ones like a mother ?

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2. Poetic

This specie who is hard to talk to is so good with poetry in films , how ?

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3. Sensitive

larkian , people with such sensitive hearts are called ”larkian ”

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4. Color combination

Chechora , guy with these colors in dress is called chechora ..


5. Good Dancer

How many men you know who are good dancers and love to dance this much?

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6. Romantics

In movies they are so smooth , so good …But in real life they are such a bore .

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7. Crying

Hero will cry like a little girl which is odd for a real man to do .

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8. Abs

They always have perfect abbs along with really hectic career ?


9. Successful At 20

Now how can someone make billions at this age ? All by himself ? Men who earn this much look like ……well, have a look at Malik Riaz or Mian Mansha , they sacrifice their lives , youth and all of their hair to get to the top .


10.Tareefain , Tareefain …

They are so generous with appreciation , soooo generous …


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