8 Thoughts Every Girl Has During Her Period

1. “Am I dying?”

Seriously, it is not normal to bleed this much and not die.

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2. “Sorry I’m being a total bitch right now, but I’m on my period.”

Actually no. I’m not sorry at all. Fuck you!

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3. “Ooh, dark chocolate muffin! I’ll have two.”

Chocolate for breakfast. chocolate for lunch and chocolate for dinner.

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4. “At least I’m not pregnant!”

This is probably the ONLY upside to getting your period, literally.

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5. “I can eat whatever I want. I deserve it.”

The best part (like there is one) of being on our periods is that fact that we can rationalize any and every morsel of food that passes through our lips.

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6. “I hate everyone.”

All women are more irritable on their periods, and with good reason. This time of the month is painful and uncomfortable, putting us on edge for every conversation we’re going to engage in.

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7. “I Just Want to curl up and cry.”

Because life.

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If you have not uttered these words, you haven’t really experienced a period. Men don’t know how good they have it.

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