10 Things You Realize in Your Mid Twenties

1. You start Losing time for friends

You start to lose your free time. This means you lose the free time you got to have to spend with friends. It’s one of those things where you feel bad because you miss your friends but can’t apologize for trying to make a living.


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2. You Start Appreciating your parents more

You know life is too short to take people for granted. But, the older you get, the older the people you love the most get. You appreciate more and love even more.

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3.  Time passes too fast

It’s like you suddenly wake up and realize your teen years are gone. It’s even scarier when you realize that being 25 means your hitting close to 30. You think back to being 16 and remember how much you couldn’t wait to be 30. Now that you are getting even closer to that age, you just want to hit the rewind button.

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4. You realize growing up sucks big time

Growing up sucks and we need to emphasize that to every 16 year old out there.

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5. You realize life is too short

You may start to lose a lot of people close to you in the mid-twenties. Perhaps even earlier than in your 20s do you start losing people, but you start to realize that you are not invincible. Time is limited and the relationships you build with people can end in a minute.

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6. Love is not the same for you

It’s not as passionate but it’s more real. When you are in your mid twenties and in love you go through real life situations. You experience the adult world with this person. Teenage love is more passionate because it doesn’t have all the responsibilities that being an adult has. You get to stay in the moment and have fun, being in your mid-twenties, you really get down to thinking about your future.

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7. You start building your career

Not only do you have to think about what you want in life, but you need to start thinking about a career.

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8. You start feeling left behind

Mid 20’s is when everything starts to happen. Seems like everyone is getting married or having kids. You start to feel left behind if you might not be at any of those phases in life.

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9. Money has more value now

We hold on to our money more and more because we realize how fast it goes. In our teen years we thought we could just have our parents help us. Now, we realize that mom and dad won’t be there for us in case we end up maxing out our credit cards. We overanalyze every purchase to make sure we truly need it.

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10. You also realize you’ve accomplished a lot

You realize you’ve accomplished most of the goals you set for yourself. That you’re that responsible person you always wanted to be.

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