10 Things You Need To Know Before You Start Your Freshman Year

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Since I just wrapped up my freshman year of University (trying not to be a killjoy), you should know this – Freshman year is very scary. It’s super-awkward but remember that you’re not the only one. And yeah! Forget about everything you have ever seen and fantasized about being in a University, just because it looked cool in TV serials or High-school movies. The real picture is much different.

1. Don’t Be Afraid To Make New Friends:

Making new friends might seem a little far-fetched, however, understand that everybody is in almost the same situation as you are. Indeed, they will be the ones making your freshman year bearable.

2. Do Not Get Into Any Club Or Society In Your Freshman Year:

It might sound exaggerated, but ‘Labor’ is the perfect word for the ones who get into these clubs. Never mind!

3. You Aren’t Going To Like Every Class You Take:

May it be your major course, minor one or the electives, this isn’t sure that you’ll enjoy taking that class. By the way, it also made no sense for me to take the 8 am classes.

4. Never Date A Senior. I Repeat, Never!

Do not. Period.

5. You Can Survive With Just 3 Hours Of Sleep:

Is there a difference between 4 am and 10 pm? Huh? Not in the lives of students because we have super-weird sleeping patterns because of our assignments and presentation preparations.

6. Not All Professors Are Going To Like You:

Some might not even know your name; or even that you exist. You just have to live with the fact that some professors are going to target you no matter what.

7. Procrastination About Life Is Real Shit:

Procrastinate now and panic later!

8. Your Life Will Not Be In Your Control But…

It’s okay to not have everything figured out. I guess!

9. Don’t Buy Textbooks:

Don’t waste your money LOL. Online E-Books are the best way to have access to them.

10. Buckle Your Seat Belts:

Cause there’s absolutely no way to escape.

So in reality, freshman year is very hard to cope up with, however, you just need some time to adjust and go with the flow.


Stressed and exhausted. Freshman year student.

Thank you!

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