10 Things You Couldn’t Agree More to If You Went to St. Patrick’s All-Boys College

College days are indeed the best of all, and bring you the best things! And, if you went to an all-boys college, it meant endless fights, silly jokes and a whole lot of messing around (and with teachers too)! Not to forget – bunking classes with your buddies! Oh, how was fun it all used to be?!!

1. Whipping each other with ties was a favorite past time!

There were nothing better than the whipping each other with ties! And, yes, it did hurt.

2.Burps and farts didn’t merit apology

Well, that was pretty obvious since there were no girls around in St.Patrick’s College. 😉

3. Good-looking female teachers were a dream come true!

Ali and Danish

Source: Tumblr

It felt as if a Tsunami has hit the college! She used to be the buzz!

4. The best place to have fun was at the backbench


Source: Giphy

To escape the teacher’s eye-balling, you’d always find the backbench to avoid the lectures and make fun of the teacher. And yeah, the best place to a nap at!

5. The ugly looking grayish-greenish uniform was an embarrassment to your existence

The hideous looking uniform was your first fear before starting your course! No kidding!

6. You commonly referred to all your friends by gaaliyan

The use of profanity was always considered cool and brotherly!

7. You always got questioned if you will ever meet a girl in your life


Source: Tumblr

Since girls remained distant, your friends would always tease if you’re ever going to meet a girl! Lagta hai saari zindagi nahi milni koi…

8. Na khatam hone wali gurbat

The endless poverty. The best way to lootofy was to get a treat from the birthday boy!

9. If you didn’t hate Principal Clive, then you were the most hated student. LOL!


Source: Giphy

Hated amongst most, Principal Clive had to be the worst principal a college could ever have. Kia ye jhoot hai

10. Larkiyon pe Tabsaray

Couldn’t see them, couldn’t meet them. But you could only discuss them. Bas khayali pulao hi banta tha

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