Here Are 10 Things That Make Pakistan Truly Pakistan

10 Things that make Pakistan truly Pakistan

Here Are 10 Things That Make Pakistan Truly Pakistan -

Every country around the world is specifically known for certain things. Our country Pakistan does not fall short of things that make it unique, funny, fascinating and captivating.

On a given day, you cannot go without coming across things that make you feel really Pakistani or that qualifies to happen nowhere else around the world. The unanimity of creativity and exceeding limits is an art we seem to be fervent proponents of.

We managed to shortlist things that make Pakistan eccentric, provided they may be of any aspect and particularly those that depicts our culture, mindsets, society and customs. It is certainly not suggested that we are downright proud of everything. We are proud of the most interesting and boastful things about Pakistan and at the same time choose to dampen our spirits about things that demote our values.

Let’s see find out the things Pakistan is not Pakistan without:

 1. Morning shows

Here Are 10 Things That Make Pakistan Truly Pakistan -

Source: Pakistani Drama Reviews, Ratings & Entertainment News Portal

If you happen to get disturbed during the early morning on a weekend by the noise of your television then you absolutely resonate with us. You can tell by the loud volume of your TV that your mom is avidly enjoying the program, while you are caught between squinted eyes, senses astray and a bad mood.

Morning shows fever in Pakistan is nothing new. It only seems to be a show where you sit before for 2 hours and simply observe the height of ridiculousness the host, audience and guests seem to follow.

2. Bargaining

Here Are 10 Things That Make Pakistan Truly Pakistan -

Source: Clipart Panda

Shopkeeper: Baji, 1000 rupay

Baji: 200 mein de dou…

Yes, indeed. Whether it is a baji or sahab, they always seem to mend the actual price to their own terms. Our lovely people always seem to be worried about wasting time, in fact, your parents would scold you if you take too much time in markets or shopping. Yet, they give away all the precious time they have when it comes to bargaining.

We have an eye for pointing out the best items we can find in shops, regardless of the means because we absolutely know how to go about that in particular.

3. Rickshaw/truck poetry and art

Here Are 10 Things That Make Pakistan Truly Pakistan -

Source: & Reddit

If you know a talented individual whose poetry never ceases to amaze you, you advise him to copiously advertise it with our local rickshaws. Sharing on these capacities certainly get your intellectual property noticed than actually publishing it. Not to forget the state-of-the-art display of our local trucks. You can’t look at a truck and feel amused unless you are in Pakistan. Our trucks are a center of replete art and known around the world to have a unique display. Just imagine how much potential these people have.

4. Eventful Eid-ul-Adha

Here Are 10 Things That Make Pakistan Truly Pakistan -


Barabar waali gali mein gaaye agai…

Just spend an occasion of Eid-ul-Adha somewhere other than Pakistan and you will realize what worth a fortune your yearly experience in Pakistan is. Our specific rituals and customs have redefined the experience of celebrating this Eid. It enriches with its conventions that we all love and never get bored of. Whether it’s a bull that can almost be accounted as a treasure or a beautiful goat, you are certainly enthralled by everything about an eventful Bakra Eid in Pakistan.

5. Ridiculous advertising

Here Are 10 Things That Make Pakistan Truly Pakistan -

Source: Facebook

By the look of it, we certainly are a daring nation. These merchants may lack clarity or be delivering the wrong content, nevertheless, they purposefully deliver the message and connect with the audience. See, aren’t we talking about it? The height of innocence or the determination of these merchants is undoubtful. We just love it as it gives us a good laugh.

6. Weddings worth a fortune

Here Are 10 Things That Make Pakistan Truly Pakistan -

Source: Forums

Our weddings are always calling us to spend half of our net worth. Why not? Parents are having their moment of joy and pooray armaanKabhi tameez ke kapray pehnay nahi aur ab Asim Jofa and HSY mein decide nahi kar pa rahay. Besides ridiculously expensive dresses, jewelry and alike next in queue. If you are getting married in Pakistan, you will never forget it the rest of your life because when times comes to write those checks, you’ll get mad.

7. People opting for “Jugaar”

Here Are 10 Things That Make Pakistan Truly Pakistan -

Source: OMGMix, Khawra,

Nothing is impossible when you have jugaar. We are all experts of something. If you tell us 2+2 can only be 4, we’ll Jugaar it out and tell you it is 5. Nothing makes sense, right? So does our jugaars sometimes, but we make everything possible.

Car broke down? Jugaar it
Need a plumbing fix? Jugaar it
Need to study the entire semester course in one night? Jugaar it
Any desperate time calling for desperate measures,  jugaar it better than fixing it completely.

8. Inspiring youth

Here Are 10 Things That Make Pakistan Truly Pakistan -

Source:, BBC & Maloomat

Older people mostly seem to wallow in higher authorities in Pakistan. Yet, day in and day out, we all seem to come across are young people for inspiration. Some of our youth have achieved spectacular feats and head all our heads high with pride. There seem to be many of them among us; could be you as well.

9. Counter Strike fanatics

Here Are 10 Things That Make Pakistan Truly Pakistan -

Source: GameHackStudios

A temperament of our youth again where they seem to dominate. Mostly young boys gather in coalesces and play among them. Hours are played and nobody seems to get enough of it. Talk about Ramadan nights or office call centers, there is a counter strike team that boasts to be the best in the game and will take your headshot before you even reload your weapon in the game.

10. Recurrent Dharnas, rallies, and protests

Here Are 10 Things That Make Pakistan Truly Pakistan -


What good is Pakistan without chaotic dharnas, rallies, and protests?
Have a conflict of interest? Protest against it
Failing to persuade someone on your terms? Dharna it
How would you carry out a protest? Rally nikalo
Part of what makes life in Pakistan dramatic are the antics of our people. We all like to feature in haywire affairs or be at daggers drawn with someone over an issue. Recently, a prominent political party seemed to have an unyielding grip of protest marches.

These are some of the things that the prospect of Pakistan doesn’t fit without. What else do you think our country doesn’t stand without?

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