10 Things That Happen In A Girls’ Hostel

1. Cat fights

Because where there are girls, cat fights are a must. No one will back out without causing the other some or the other kind of injury!


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2. Walking around in your towel

Because there are only girls around you. #chillscenebro


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3. Birthday surprise for your hostel bestie is hard to plan

She’s always around and someone is going to leak the secret out sooner or later.


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4. Crazy Dance session

Jhalla Wallah, Afghan Jalebi, My Name is Sheela, you know the dance steps to each one of them.


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5. Surviving on Maggi for weeks

Because you’re broke. #sedlife


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6. Sharing makeup and clothes

“Tum doosra shade le lo lipstick ka, yeh waala merey paas hai. Share kar lain gain.”


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7. Group stalking guys on Facebook

Just to see if he’s worth it.


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8. Putting up makeup just for the sake of taking selfies

Why not? Needed a new profile picture anyways!


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9. All night gossip, talking about crushes and hateful girls

Your roommates and you get along so well!


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10. Sharing homemade food with best friends

Ghar ka khaana is a naimat. Sigh.


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