10 Reasons Why Girls Prefer Having Guy Best Friends!

Some people believe that guys and girls cannot be best friends, that it always leads to one having feelings for the other, or things will get complicated.

However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, these turn out to be the best friendships that a girl could ever have and here is why…

1. Guys give the best advice about other guys

They will give you the best relationship advice ever. No one knows guys better than guys. It Is A Fact!


2. Guy best friends will honestly tell you how you look

Whether it’s something nice…

giphy (1)
source: google


Or something not so nice!


source: tumblr

3. Guy best friends will be your personal chauffeur

They might even get you ice cream at 3 am if you beg enough!

giphy (2)

4. They will never say no to your unreasonable demands

Well, only a certain to an extent !!!

giphy (3)

5. Male besties will always make you laugh even through the hard times



6. They will teach you how to drive no matter how scared they may be

giphy (4)

7. If you are hurt your guy BFF will do anything to make it better


8. He will never let you down


9. Once he’s your best friend he will forever treat you like a part of the family

giphy (8)

10. And he will always be there to reassure you that you are AWSOME!

giphy (9)

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