10 Things Rich Pakistanis Have To Pay For But Poor Pakistanis Don’t

Yes, it is a privilege to be a part of the elitist 5 to 7 percent of the population in Pakistan, but there are a few things that only the rich have to pay for and the less privileged do not…

1. Phati Hui Jeans

They spend way too much on something poor people have no choice but to wear!


2. Spring Or Mineral Water

There is absolutely nothing sweeter than water straight from the source, but these rich guys will never understand this! They will keep paying for something that’s absolute worthless!


3. Sun Roof

Rich people crave sunroofs while the poor want nothing but a bit of shade


4. Sky Light

They spend millions to get there houses built with a sky light while the poor sleep under the stars everyday.


5. Gym Workouts

Pay thousands a month for a workout while a poor persons entire life is a work out


6. Diet Plans

They spend thousand on things you can get at your local sabzi mandi


7. Stress Medication

Rich people have to suppress their tension with medication while the poor do it by enjoying nature


8. Camping Trips

They spend way too much money on fancy camping trips, while the underprivileged can camp almost anywhere


9. Love

Money can most definitely not buy love no matter how hard you try.


10. Happiness

Is something that is free and no amount of money can give you that.


If money deprives us from such joys of life, we are better of poor.

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