10 Things ONLY Tea Addicts Will Understand

10 Things ONLY Tea Addicts Will Understand

You aren’t Pakistani enough if you don’t love tea as insanely as most of us do. Here are things you’ll be able to relate to if you too, drink tea religiously;

1. You need tea to wake your brain up


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2. And then several more cups to keep your brain awake


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3. Tea is the answer to all your problems.


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4. Life is an active battle against coffee addicts


5. And if you have exams going on..


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6. Your parents tell you how unhealthy it is everyday


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7. You’re very particular about the taste of your tea

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8. Your worst nightmare is a bad cup of tea


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9. People think your obsession is weird


10. But this is what keeps you going


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*sips on*

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