10 Things Only People Who Wear Glasses Understand

1. Chashmish, chashmatoo, chaar aankhon waale is what you’re regularly called


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2. People think asking ‘How many fingers am i holding?’ is funny

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3. Your Family’s reaction when you tell them you’ve decided to wear contact lenses


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4. People Always assume that you’re a nerd. Always and Forever.


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5. And they also believe that you wear glasses just to show off


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6. Free ki advice: ‘Beta gaajar khaao, nazar taiz hoti hai.’


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7. Worst Enemy=Rain, how your expressions change when it starts to rain.

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8. The trouble of managing your hijab and glasses at the same time


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9. The never ending war between your glasses and makeup

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10. And how you feel utterly helpless without them

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