10 Things Men Absolutely Hate About Desi Women

There will always be somethings about desi women that men will never understand and well they are never going to either. Here are some of the things desi women do that make men want to pull their hair out.

1. The Constant Nagging which ultimately Has No Avail

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2.  Dulhan Ke Tarha Teyar Hona


3. Asking 20 Questions In Every Single Situation

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4.The Secret Chastity Belt They Didn’t tell You About When They First Started Talking To You

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5.  Baat Baat Pay Khargosh Ke Tarha Sharmana


6. Rishta Threats That Always Leave You On The Edge Of Your Seat


7. The Trick Questions That Are Specifically Designed To Make You Feel Like An Asshole

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8. Bay Waqth Bhook Ke Tarha Ghairat Jaag Jana


9. Cling Foil Ke Tarha Aik He Baat Pai Jhapat jana


10. Gair Zaroore Peyar Karna


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