10 Things Karachi Walay Go through During Winter !

It does not get too cold in Karachi during the winter months, we have pleasant winters and we don’t face problems like the ones people in Punjab or up-north have to face. However we have our own little winter dilemmas that all Karachiites can relate to….

1. Trying To Get The Perfect Mix Of Hot And Cold Water For Your Morning Shower

And lets not forget the morning yelling session ” Ammi

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2. Getting Just The Right Amount Of Leg outside your blanket So You Don’t Feel Too Hot!


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3. Sardi Kay kapray Nikalnay Hai Ya Nahi?


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4. If You Need The Fan Or Not!


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5. You Can Not Wear Any Of Your Nice Winter Cloths


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6. Winter Dryness is like Hypothermia For Karachiites


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7. You Only Wear Your Jacket For 30 Min In the Morning Rest Of The Day…


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8. You’r Always Waiting For Winter And Its Gone Before You Know It


9. All Your Winter Planning Goes Down The Drain…


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10. Your Still Really Excited That Winter Is Almost Here


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