10 Things I Hate About The City I Love The Most, Karachi

Karachi, the city of lights. Our city, our home.

1. Karachi and Rain Just Don’t Go Together


Source: Dawn

2.  The Endless Love Affair of Karachi and Load Shedding

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Source: newspakistan.pk

3. Something Every Karachiite Has Experienced

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 4. Blessed To Live Minutes Away From The Beach But You Hate That It’s Not Clean


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5. The Fact That We No Longer Have Sunday Bazaar

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6. Har Koney Par Aik Masjid Hai, Laykin Namaz Road Par Parhain Gaie. Kyun K…

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7. Aunties At Endless Lawn Exhibitions Be Like..


8. How People Label You as “Bridge K Iss Par Ka Ya Uss Par Ka”



9. Ab Tou Park Janey Sey Bhi Dar Lagta Hai


Source: Pakium

10.  And Ofcourse When “Na-maloom afraad” Get All Naughty!


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