10 Things Every 'Bahir ka' MBA Has To Face In Pakistan

10 Things Every ‘Bahir ka’ MBA Has To Face In Pakistan

1. You Are Extremely Sought After By Rishta Aunties


2. Your Parents Always Remind You Of How Much Money They Spent On You


3. Your Friends Who Did Not Do MBA Have More Work Experience


4. People Think You Are A Snob Cuz You Did Your MBA From “Bahir Ke University”


5. The Reason You Don’t Get Good Jobs In Pakistan: ‘You Are A Very Expensive Resource!’ Or…

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6. If You Do Get A Job Your Boss Will Think You Are A Magician

 Because after all you did your MBA from abroad…


 7. Your Artsy Friends Think You Are A Corporate Sell Out

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8. You Don’t Get Paid Nearly As much As You Invested In Your Education

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9. You Really Reconsider Why You Did Your MBA In The First Place

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10. Your Realize It Was All Worth It When You Get Your Dream Job Somewhere


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