10 Struggles Of A Technologically Challenged Person

10 Struggles Of A Technologically Challenged Person

In a world that survives on technology, not being tech savvy doesn’t exactly work in your favor. Here’s how:

1. When people use technical jargon you’re just like

tech challenged

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2. You have one or two friends that are your emergency rescue system in case any of your devices break down


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3. But if they’re not available, you’re just sitting there turning it on and off

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4. If, God forbid, you have to take a Computers course, you’re basically in hell

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5. Describing your tech skills to a prospective employer can be challenging


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6. When anyone asks you about the specifications of your phone or laptop


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7. You look at tech savvy people like they’re Gods


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8. People judge you when you tell them you prefer to write than type


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9. If there’s a technology discussion going on amongst your friends, you feel left out


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10. You have, by now, become a laughingstock for your friends


They do this to you everytime.

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Yep. We’re still living in the old ages.

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