10 Struggles Only Pakistanis Living In The U.A.E Will Understand

Do Pakistanis live like kings in U.A.E? Let’s find out…

1. Parking (Do I Need To Say More?!)

You will never find parking when you need it and you always end up paying an arm and a leg in parking charges and violation tickets.


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2. Everything Makes You Feel Small

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3. You Are Shocked By The Amount Of Money Arabs Spend On Brands

“15,000 Dirhams  for a Chanel Burka habibi”


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4. The Constant Temperature Changes Have Given You A Perpetual Migraine

Outside the mall

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Inside the mall 

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5. When You Have To Interact With Someone Who Only Speaks Arabic

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6. When Sandstorms Ain’t No Big Deal Anymore

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7. When All 365 Days Of The Year Are Bad Hair Days


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8. When People Expect You To Get Them Gifts Because They Think You Live Like Sheikh Mohammed

How they think you live

giphy (5)

How you actually live 

giphy (7)

9. If You Live Far Away From Your Office Half Your Day Will Be Spent In Traffic

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10. You Are Definitely Going To Miss Home, Your Friends And Family


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