10 Struggles Only The Middle Child Faces

1. You are ignored. Since your parents are so busy worrying about your older sibling’s life plan and your younger sibling’s homework.


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2. You get all the same responsibilities as the oldest…


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3. But all the restrictions of the youngest.

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4. Middle Child Syndrome is all too real and yet no one takes you seriously when you complain about it.


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5. Your wardrobe only consists of hand-me-downs.


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6. Somehow your parents manage to forget you exist every once in a while.

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7. You are always expected to help because the older one couldn’t be forced and younger one is too small.


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8. You go through phases where you feel as if you’re nothing.

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9. The older one is a quick-tempered buffoon and the younger one is utterly tactless. Wars are declared and you are expected to be SOMEONE’s right-hand-man.


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10. Despite all the struggles, you’re stuck in the middle. So you might as well get comfortable.


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