10 Struggles Of A Person In Their Mid-Twenties…

Mid-twenties is the roughest age patch for every guy or girl out there, who had some goals and ambitions in life. This transition is easily, the most difficult phase for every individual. Let’s look at the 10 most frequently occurring situations that a person in his mid twenties come across.

1. Firstly, you’re too old for the dramatic college friends you have and too young for the settled office going friends


2. One of the toughest things at this age is the transition from a university boy to an office man


3. And if you’re lucky enough, you just might get a job. Otherwise you can lay in bed and stare at that degree all day long..


4. If you’re the youngest in the family, no one takes your goals seriously. Because well.. “abhi tou tum chote ho”

5. Chances are, your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram is filled with engagement/wedding posts and pictures of your EX’s and Y’s..

6. Suddenly, the words “priority” and “commitment” start hitting you.. And even though you want to commit to some things, you just don’t know how..

7. If you’re one of those weight-conscious people, you’re probably dieting at this age.

8. Career and marriage, these are the two words you do not want to be asked about for at least a few (or more than few) years..

9. Heartbreaks, rejections, disappointments and struggles… this is what you’re probably recovering from at this age

10. But at least, you’re giving time to yourself. and you finally don’t care what others think. Give it more time and hopefully, career, relationships, life, everything will fall into place.



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