10 Stages Of Planning The Winter Break

10 Stages Of Planning The Winter Break

From the day a new academic year begins for us, we eagerly await this time of the year. We make elaborate plans and imagine endless possibilities, and then when the break actually begins, our expectations fall flat as we witness December slowly glide along, with absolutely nothing exciting happening. These are the stages you go through when anticipating and planning your winter beak;

1. You get through the finals week by reminding yourself of that blissful one month break

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Source: Source: www.forums.marvelheroes.com

2. You tell yourself you’ll do something productive. An internship, maybe?

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3. Or you make plans for a vacation up north

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Source: www.alltriptips.wordpress.com

4. And then when the beak begins, you realize the vacation up north is a far out possibility

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Source: www.helpyourselfgetlucky.com

5. You tell yourself you’ll definitely look for an internship tomorrow

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6. But then you’re just like;

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7. You feel miserable sitting at home because you feel bored and useless

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8. Every time you try to plan a lunch with friends over a group chat

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9. So then you just download 712278 shows

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10. You have now begun to hate the winter break, and you can’t wait for college to resume;

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We go through the same plan-expect-try-give up-fail cycle every year and yet when our classes resume, we can’t wait for the summer break.

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