10 Signs Which Show That You Are Still A Parha Likha Jahil…

Getting a degree from college doesn’t make you educated in reality. It does make a person appear as if he/she is qualified, but in reality, it could be different. Even if a person has a lot of degrees but has a very rigid personality so it doesn’t make him set a good impression on others. People do reject you even if you have impressive grades on your transcript.
Here are 10 things that, make you a parha likha jahil. Make sure you don’t fall in any case.

1. Average Thinking – is se zada ki umeed nahe thi tum se


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There is no newness in thinking. Your thinking is the same even after studying, neither bad nor good, just average. Whenever anyone asks for an advice you give the most common idea or a very lame average advice. What is the purpose of wasting 16 years of education if you can’t come up with ‘above average’ solutions?

2. Senseless Reasoning – being a dakyanoosi soch wala


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Not thinking rationally and not following the systematic steps to arrive at a conclusion. For instance your friends pass by in a car and he didn’t stop to say a hello, and then you start assuming that he is rude, he is arrogant etc., you give these illogical reasons to justify his action, however it might be possible that he haven’t seen you at first place or he was too busy in driving that he didn’t look around.

3. Old Way of Thinking


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You belong to a certain family, background or area where people are too much into showing off their stuff, too much into ‘gharelu politics’ etc., and then when you complete your degree you also end up in saying that; ‘ab mein bhi sab ko dikhaonga apni power’. In short your soch doesn’t change, and you think like people living around you.

4. Divided in Cast; we break bones not hearts


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It’s alright that in Pakistan we are divided into different casts. But getting offensive or biased towards a certain cast and then approving or disapproving choices on the basis of caste, then people would probably ask about your institute so that they could stop their kids from going there.

5. Blind Political Support


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One is expected to support national interest, rather than supporting a political party that they think would bring benefits to their businesses. Your education should be questioned if you are blindly supporting a political party.

6. No You Approach- bass apne baray mein hi sochna.


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Caring about your own priorities, own personal benefits and caring about others benefits. Education doesn’t make anyone selfish in their life if those long 16 years of education taught you this. You probably have wasted your money, time and effort!!

7. Emotionally Fool


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Pakistan wins a match whole nation starts to celebrate. Pakistan loses a match people react if this is the end of the world. An educated person is never an emotional fool.

8. Same Old Person In The Society- parhnay likhnay ka bhi koi faida nahe hua


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An uneducated person should not feel or behave like an uneducated person. He/she have a better version of herself/himself after getting the education.

9. Read No Book Other Than Academic Book- lakeer k fakeer


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– reading academic books can help you in passing an exam but you should also read other books. There are millions of books to become a better person, to increase confidence, to improve skills. An educated person is always striving to increase its knowledge.

10. Wrong Choices of Words And Tune- parh likh k zaya kiya hai


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different words convey different messages. ‘Aap’ conveys a different message than ‘Tum’. If 16 years of education haven’t taught you this then people would definitely consider you as parha likha jahil. Make sure you don’t fall in any category. Or else you have wasted your time, money and effort in going getting those 16 years of education.

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