10 Signs That Your Best Friend Is An Absolute Attention Seeker!

1. They Always Want To Be The Topic Of Conversation

They want to be the ones leading the conversation, or to be the reason of the conversation!

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2. They Have No Verbal Filter

They will literally say anything just to get some extra attention


3. They Are The Worst Listeners

They can talk non-stop but when it comes to listening to you FORGET ABOUT IT!

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4. They Can’t Stand Seeing Someone Else In The Limelight

They will go nuts if they see someone else getting all the attention

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5. They Will Dress To Complex

Expect your attention seeking friend to be dressed in the loudest manner possible, pink shirts and silky skinny ties


6. They Will Use The Hell Out Of Social Media

Their FB Status will be an Afsana about their life and how depressed they are


7. They Will Want To Be Invited to Every Plan With Every Group

Even if they don’t know the people you are hanging out with they will be hurt if you don’t invite them

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8. They Will Either Be The Teachers’ Pet Or Worst Enemy

It doesn’t matter if they are sucking up to the teacher or making fun of him the class will be centered around them


9. They Will Dramatize Everything

If you don’t give them attention they will go into a downward spiral of depression

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 10. They Will Make Everything About Themselves

No matter what you tell them, they have either done it before or know some who has

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