10 Signs That Simply Do NOT Let You Try To Be A Vegetarian!

10 Signs That Simply Do NOT Let You Try To Be A Vegetarian!

I Love Meat

Foodies and that too die heart ones find it quite offensive to be considered vegetarians. It is considered unfair towards there undying love for food that they be considered vegetarians. This would mean that they give up on meat that s a very significant ingredient in making main courses. Man is an omnivorous creature. He is capable of eating well as well as green, leafy vegetables. While all that is okay, the main question that arises here is- why would anyone eat vegetarian food when non-vegetarian food tastes so darn good? Though this debate will never, ever end, I can sense a lot of you nodding along in agreement to my statement. To them I would say- you’re not alone, guys. You’re not alone. Here are ten signs that depict how much of a non-veg you are.


1) You skip the vegetarian part of the menu card instinctively.

9   ‘Just move on to the meat section.’

2) When you go to an all-veg restaurant, you feel helpless.



3) You know which restaurant in your city serves the best meat. You are the yellow pages that one must refer to for knowledge of food places.


“Un ki butter chicken best hai. Lekin fish curry, bakwaas.”    


4) You have to forcefully eat the vegetarian stuff your mother/cook makes at home.


‘Mom is forcing Palak Paneer on me again….’



5. You are the person who makes fun of your vegetarian friends


“Tu Daal chawal mein hi khush rehta hai? LOL.”


6. Every special occasion in your house has to have a non-vegetarian dish.


Meat is a must, all vegetarians can go eat grass…..


7) Everyone is aware of your unconditional love for non-veg food.



8) Who said vegetarian food is good for dietary reasons?


‘Protein Diet FTW!’


9) You are an expert at cooking at least one of your favorite non-veg dishes.


‘Master chef in the making.’


10) Life keeps changing BUT your love for food will remain a constant!


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