10 Most Shocking Robberies In Pakistan ( Caught On Tape)

Here are ten of the most shocking, underhanded and tactful robberies that have been caught on tape from all around Pakistan. Obviously this article is not to promote and publicize such acts rather it is to make the public aware so that they do not fall prey to such scam artistes.

1. This Little Girl Stealing In A Jewelry Shop (Rawalpindi)

2. This Man Just Takes The Loot And Makes A Run For It

He dosen’t even try to steal discreetly he just takes the jewelry and dashes out the door

3. This One Is Absolutely Brutal

The robbers stole the shop keepers money as well as injured them severely

4. Either This Guy Is Really Smart Or He Is Just Incredibly Stupid

What ever the case may be he pulled of a blatantly obvious robbery

5. This Woman’s Slide Of Hand Is Extremely On Point

6. Mirch-Masalay Wali Robbery

You Wont believe how these new robberies are taking place you don’t even need a gun any more

7. The Impatient Chor In Punjab

8. This Guy Went Straight For the Source “That’s Why It Pays To Be Smart”

9. The Funniest Bank Robbery In The World (Only In Pakistan)


10. The Cool Calm Collected Robber ( The Robbery Negotiations)

And This Is How It’s Supposed To Be Done


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