10 Most Scariest yet Exciting Bridges For Adventurers Across the World

A person works like for whole year and waits eagerly for those 20 days of annual holidays when he could finally go on vacations. Some people spend their holidays going to any modern city, shopping expensive stuff, relaxing in resorts and having cuisines. But, that’s something one can do once in a while even on the working days. The people who make the most of vacations are the adventurers. They are the people, who go out and see the beautiful world, experience the trekking in beautiful forests, watch the wonders of nature, and go to places where one has never been before. For all those adventure loving Argonauts, we have gathered the pictures of most unbelievably amazing Bridges throughout the world that will leave you breathless and in joy as you have never experienced before.


 1. Hussaini Hanging Rope Bridge



This bridge is situated in the northern Pakistan near the Borit Lake in the upper Hunza valley. It offers the scariest view as the bridge has many gaps in between. Any wrong stepping can lead you down into the river below. It gets more frightening as one can see the remains of broken bridge which was just like this one. The natives pass it regularly without any problem and often help the tourists to pass it. It is often regarded as the scariest bridge in the world. It surely attracts the tourists and only one with tons of courage can take a chance to walk through it.


2. Musou Tsuribashi Suspension Bridge


This 60 years old bridge is hanging on the Akaishi mountain range of Japan and is considered one of the most terrifying bridges. Musou Tsuribashi means “matchless suspension bridge.” It lacks the concrete pathway as it consists of decaying boards and gaps in between those means the end of the world for a person. The bridge is one of the oldest around and is rarely maintained. But, it is still used by the natives and the maniac adventurers who want to face the fear directly. The ropes are loose and the wooden boards are not tightly attached so passing through the bridge is surely none less than the triumph. Thus, it is surely the one the scariest bridges present in the world.


 3.Puente de Ojuela


Puente de Ojuela is one the oldest bridges ever built. Situated in the province of Durango, Mexico, the bridge was built more than 100 years ago as a way for miners to reacht he gold mine. It was abandoned for 80 years until in 1991 when it was re-opened for the tourists to come and experience the golden bridge.


4. Geumgang Gureumdari Bridge


It is 50 meters long bridge situated at the height of 80 meters above the ground in the Daedunsan Provincial Park in Korea. One has to take the five-hour hiking trail to cross the bridge. It is an exciting challenge that only courageous adventurers take. One has to pass the steep stairs in the middle of the trail and it surely gets very scary but nonetheless very exciting.

5. Capilano Suspension Bridge


This beautiful bridge is situated in the northern Vancouver, British Columbia. It is situated at height of 70 meters above the river Capilano and is 140 meters in length. The bridge sails over the beautiful forest and gives people a chance to walk and see the lush green forest and a river right below it. The bridge leads to a beautiful park which offers the wonderful scenery and just takes your breath away.


6. Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge


This beautiful bridge is situated in the Northern Ireland. It connects the the mainland with the small island named Crrick-a-Rede. Its length is 20 meters and height of 30 meters. Just below the bridge is the sea and this view makes the journey through the bridge ever more exciting. Once upon a time, it was used only by fishermen to get to the island for fishing but then it was abandoned. In 2008, it was rebuilt and opened for tourists. Only the people with big heart can cross the whole bridge but the experience is surely exciting.


 7. Aiguille du Midi Bridge


This beautiful bridge is located in the heart of French Alps. It can only be accessed through the cable car. It’s at the height of 9000 feet from the Chamonix, the spot where all tourists gather to take a ride on Cable Car. The tourists enjoy the exciting ride for 20 minutes until they reach the top of the mountain where they get to see the breath taking view from the bridge. The beautiful mountain covered with white sheet of ice is a view you just can’t miss to see in your lifetime.

 8. Mount Titlis Cliff Walk


Situated in the heart of Swiss Alps, this bridge lies at the height of 10,000 feet above sea level. Interestingly, passes over the glacier which is 400 meters below the bridge. One feels like walking over the glacier. It gets scary to walk on it because of constant snow and wind blowing at speed of 120 mph. The experience to cross the bridge is simply breathtaking. It gets more beautiful on sunny days of summers as vision becomes clear and one is able to see the mountains of Italy from huge distance.


9. Hanging Bridge of Ghasa


Situated in the mountainous region of Nepal, this frightening bridge connects the two hills as it hangs right above the beautiful mountain valley. It was built to be used as pathway for the natives to reach across the hills but now is center of attention or tourists. One still gets to see the native people leading the flock from one hill to another. The view from the bridge is simply awesome and if you go to Nepal, you just can’t miss to visit this bridge.

10. Trift Suspension Bridge


Located in the town of Gadmen, Switzerland, Trift Suspension Bridge is the longest foot bridge in Switzerland. You can reach the bridge only through the cable car. 170 meters in length and 100 meters above the Triftsee lake, the bridge is part of a scenic alpine trail that gives the tourist a chance to view the beautiful lake from the top and get mesmerized by the wonderful scenery.




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