10 Reasons Why Having An Older Brother Is The Best Thing Ever!

Older brothers are like sweet and sour candy. On one hand, they can be a pain; they tease you and drive you crazy! But on the other hand, they also protect and love you. Having an older brother is not less than a blessing, girls, you have to admit it! Their silly and seemingly sinful acts might be unbearable most of the time, but trust me, they are the only ones with whom you can share your own crimes at the end of the day!

Here are the 10 amazing things you get to enjoy if you have an older brother!

 They Help You Deal With Men!


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Dealing with men is not an easy job, especially for job going girls. An elder brother can comfort you with his insightful advice to handle discourteous bosses without difficulty.

 Sporty Supporter


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Admit it! The sportsmanship, the obsession, the love for any sports you have is due to your brother. If you have lifelong memories of you watching sports, there will be, somewhere, your brother involved in them.

The Competitor


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The elder brother always gives you tough time in the home- actually, he is training you to compete in the male-dominant society. He develops your self-esteem and leadership skills.

He Protects You


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It has been observed that the lion lashes out at hunters to protect his cubs. The elder brother does the same. He never lets you out alone, warns you before you get into the trouble, and is always there for help when you mess up anyways.

You Are His Stylist


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Ye glasses theek lgrhay hain mujhpe? Or ye shirt is jeans kay saath chalegi? They ask you these sort of questions mostly before going for any event. It is no secret that most men don’t know how to dress themselves, so little sisters often take on the role of personal stylist towards their older brothers.

You Teach Him Sympathy


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Aj tum dobara jhagra kar kay ae ho? And before mom and dad are going to scrutinize his whole day’s activities plus his list of friends, you come along as a savior and get your elder brother out of the troublesome situation. This way, you teach him how to be sympathetic during hard times.

Do You Have An Elder Brother? No Need Of A Driver Then


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In this busy life, we all need to move- all the way, all the time. You have to go for college or want to see the friend; mom asks you to bring the pile of blankets downstairs or to pick up the bucket of washed clothes. But all you need is to call your brother. He is always there for you (be ready to hear things like khud nahe krskti ho? Sb kaam me he karun? Dost se kaha karo khud ajaya kare.)

He Teaches You Self-Defense


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In this day and age, it has become increasingly important for girls to know how to protect themselves. More than likely, if you know how to use a knife or simple karate moves, you learned it from your older brother.

He Keeps You Updated With The Latest Trends


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What is new in the music and clothing? When will the new season of Coke Studio be aired? You will get all the news from your bro.

The Crime Partner In Teasing other Siblings


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No matter how much rude or kharoos your elder brother is, he will always stay on your side when there is an issue like bare bhai or behen ko he sab milta hai humen nae being discussed among younger ones and then your level of happiness will sky rocket!

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