10 Reasons Why Aliens Will Never Visit Pakistan!

10 Reasons Why Aliens Will Never Visit Pakistan!

It is hard to believe that we are the smartest species in the universe, although we believe ourselves to be “Ashraful Makhluqat” because we really haven’t found any evidence of intelligent life other than the human race from around the universe!

Here’s why we never will, the reasons why aliens will never visit us…

1. We Have People Like This Running The Country

He will probably ask the aliens about the new technique for hair transplants.


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2. We Take Jihad-e- Junaid To A Whole New Level

Aliens ko bhi blasphemy law kay under lay lain gay


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3. “So Called Religious Milad” Or All Night Rave Party

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4. Our Anti-Helicopter Chappals

Will surely scare Of The Aliens


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5. The Sheer Violence That Stems From Our Country

FILE - In this photo taken on Aug. 16, 2010, Pakistani flood survivors fight over relief supplies in Shekarpur, Pakistan. Allegations that powerful government officials and landowners used their influence to divert floodwaters away from their property and over the villages and fields of millions of poor citizens have stoked outrage in Pakistan. (AP Photo/Shakil Adil, File)

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6. The Stupidity Of The People We Idolize


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7. The Impatience Of The People We Look Up To


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8. Even Our “Intelectual Class” Isn’t Much Better

Laro Musalmano Laro!!!


Source: Tribune


9.  Our Government Is Heartless

Water Shortage In Karachi During The Hottest Time Of The Year


Source: Tribune

10. We Don’t Care About People, Why Would We Care About Other Species

Children dying in Thar from malnutrition, due to  Governments inability to take action and help their citizens


Source: dunyanews.tv
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