10 Reasons Why We All LOVEEE BB ki Vines!


1. Because, Hutiya

We absolutely love Fameer Fuddi and the way he speaks. From ‘hutiya’ to ‘fex’ everything leaves us in fits of uncontrollable laughter. Also the way he puts a stop to Mr. Hola’s tactics is beyond hilarious.

2. This portrayal of our struggle

Swearing is a big no no in our households, be it parents or children. The struggle as we know it is too real. To save ourselves from the long lectures on ‘Yeh tarbiyat di hai humne tumhain?’ BB has provided us with a mind-blowing solution.

3. How every boy can relate to this

Every boy has been bhai-zoned at some point of time. BB understands the sheer pain and dukh one goes through when they hear the word bhai instead of baby.

4. DJ Waaley Babu Mera Gaana Chala Do

We’ve all been singing this song and cannot, just CAN NOT get it out of our head even though it makes no sense. BHAI KONSA GAAAANNNAAA?!

5. This one ahmazing time Bekaar Vines and BB ki Vines collaborated

YUSSSS! OUR TWO FAVORITES IN ONE VIDEO! It was a dream come true for many and brought out the fangirls in us. Perfection is this.

6. How BB respects women

BB is what you’d call a real gentleman. He knows about the problems a girl faces in her day to day life and how a small thing said can affect her in a big way. His respect for women is what makes him attractive. AND he’s hot. Another plus point. *wink wink*

7. Rishteydaar ki shaadi = torture

Our parents have at one time or another forced us to go to a rishtedaar’s shaadi, even though we have no idea who Shanno khaala ki beti ki saas ki behen ki poti is, we have to go because ‘Beta log kya kahain gain, aapka beta nahi aaya?’

8. Kameeney Dost

It is self inflicted torture when bae calls you in front of your friends and you pick up the call. Every friend is going to take janam janam ka badla from you at that time. Kyun k har aik friend kameena hota hai.

9. Bhook Lagti Hai? Haan Hawas ki.

Dr. Sehgal and his awesomazing patients are all we need to brighten our days. Part 3 is a personal favorite.

10. Angry Masterji

The Angry Masterji series is an epic portrayal of what teachers go through when they have a student like BB in their class.

Hopefully, you enjoyed the best of BB ki vines!

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