10 Reasons Why Liberals Have No Right To Bash The Army

Almost everyone in Pakistan loves to talk about the problems that our country is facing on a day to day basis and if you have the unfortunate pleasure of discussing this issue with a so called “liberal” he or she will only have a few words to spare on this issue, something along the lines Of “Army sara budget kha lay tee hai” or “Army nay Taliban ko funding dee hai” or some other baseless propaganda of this kind.

However we have formulated 10 reasons about why  Liberals Have no right to bash the army…

1. They Leave Their Own Family So You Can Be With Yours

Source: Kalam.tv

2. They Are Bound By Their Patriotism So That You Can Be Free To Celebrate Yours


3. They Stay Awake So You Can Sleep


4. They Hide So That You Don’t Have To


5. They Show Respect So That You Get Respect


6. They Sacrifice Their Youth So You Can Enjoy Yours


7. Their Women Die So Your Women Can Live


8. They Pray So That You Can Pray


9. They Freeze So You Can Be Warm and Comfortable


10. They Are Fearless When Faced With Death So You Don’t Have To Be


If They Are Remembered Than You Will Never Be Forgotten


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