10 Reasons Why Habib University is Better than other Universities in Pakistan

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Here is why I have chosen Habib University:

1. What a Great Campus

Source: Pakistan Today

From service to excellence, Habib University has proven to be the best campus in Pakistan, in terms of architectural view and structure. The campus of this well-known university is the first tool to grasp the attention of the audience. The geometry of the campus has polished structures with vibrant colors. Yellow and purple are the official colors of the university that has a maximum visibility in campus spaces. The perfect combination of architecture with nature, greenery, and open spaces is seen and a peaceful environment around its splendid swimming area is flawless!

2. Centrally Air-Conditioned

Source: LiveRostrum

From classrooms to conference halls, from laboratories to design studio, from the cafeteria to library, about 90% of the university spaces are centrally air-conditioned with a regulating temperature control. A few number of spaces such as the atrium, the central street, baithak (designated smoking area), mehfil, and other open areas are only non-air-conditioned, but still, provide a shelter top protecting from the direct and immense heat from the sun.


Source: LiveRostrum

Habib University follows a clear vision of “Yohsin”. Yohsin is a set of five basic paradigms that are: Excellence, Beauty, Passion, Respect, and Service.

Each of the mentioned paradigms is assigned a color code.

Excellence: Yellow

Beauty: Blue

Passion: Red

Respect: Grey

Service: Purple

All these paradigms lead to “YOHSIN” i.e. thoughtful-self cultivation.

4. Jewel of Liberal Arts

Source: Facebook

There are a number of universities in our country that offer programs of engineering, medicine, surgery, and sciences. Arts is not taken as high importance. However, arts have a major contribution to our society, from establishing a government to organizing a gathering, arts is the tool of learning about policies. Hence, Habib University offers liberal arts education that leads to the learning of development and policies through the “Social Development and Policy” program and communicating through multi-media such as videos, images, posters, etc through the “Communication and Design” program. However, it is a newly-built initiative by the university to increase the number of individuals, taking interest in such fields.

5. Teachers from Abroad

Source: Facebook

Whenever one sees a foreigner from abroad in Pakistan, he or she gives honor and esteem respect to that person as our major responsibility of hospitality. However, you will see a wide range of faculty members teaching at Habib University from abroad. Such incredible teaching staff helps a student very efficiently in order to grasp the knowledge that they are being provided with and produce the student learning outcomes with confidence and integrity.

6. Global Engagement

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Habib University has a vast network spread from Stanford University in the United States to National University in Singapore (NUS).  Habib University offers study opportunities to its students in foreign universities that are included in the Habib network. Stanford University, Pitzer College, UC Berkeley, University of Michigan, Texas A&M University, are some well-known universities affiliated with Habib University.

7. HU Tops

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If you are an excellent student and possess good marks of a certain cut-off, then you are eligible to apply for HU Tops. HU Tops is a wonderful opportunity for intelligent and excellent students that have a brilliant academic record in the past. HU Tops provides 100% full fees waiver to the student if he or she passes English and Mathematics based tests.

8. Events

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Habib University aims to arrange pretty interesting events almost every day. A number of events are open to the public as well. The events cover the major topics of research, science, history, colonialism, Pak-Indian history, fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, current affairs, political affairs, development, gender studies, language, culture, ideology, restoration, and personal grooming. The events are worth to attend as they give opportunities to learn from a unique aspect.

9. The Student-Faculty Relationship

Source: Habib University

There is no such thing seen among the students and the faculty that is known as a rivalry. The coordination bond among them is remarkable. You cannot identify if one is an instructor or a learner. At Habib, teachers learn from students and vice versa; either it is related to a specific course or personal life. A brilliant sense of cooperation is visible in Habib’s society.

10. Chai Sessions with the President


The word “President” is ironically a bold word that reflects a sense of respect, honor, an old man with cruel thoughts, and grey hair. But no, this is not the case in Habib.

Chai sessions are arranged every semester with Mr. Wasif Rizvi, who is the current president of Habib University. The basic objective of arranging those chai sessions is to develop an informal state of the environment among the students and the president. In those chai sessions, students discuss their problems, achievements, issues, and much more with other students and the president. However, it is a constructive initiative by the students at Habib that leads to stressful conversations and personality development.

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