10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting Married

Ultimate questions everyone should ask themselves long before they decide to get married …

1. Are you doing this out of pressure?

If you are getting married just because you are under social pressure, please don’t… Because people won’t stop pressurizing you once you get married. Life after marriage has challenges of its own! People are going to pressurize you to have babies, meet relatives you avoid, etc, etc.


2. Loneliness?

Just because you feel alone doesn’t mean that you should get married. A person can feel lonely even in the presence of their spouse, in-case if you end up marrying the wrong person.


3. Boredom?

Just because you are bored and need a change in life doesn’t mean that you need to get married. You just need to get a hobby!

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4. Because Your Life Lacks Romance?

You fancy all those flowers , candies, candles, poetry, right? Life changes significantly after marriage and love goes out of the window!


5. You Are The ‘Appropriate Age’?

There is no such thing as ‘appropriate age’ for marriage. You should get married only when you feel that you have met the right person!


6. Because All Your Friends Are Getting Married?

Don’t get married just because all your friends are getting married! It’s not like buying phone! There isn’t any ‘exchange’ or ‘return’ policy involved!


7. Because ‘It’s Your Turn’ Now?

Just because your elder sibling got married doesn’t mean that you HAVE to get married next. You can set the precedence and prove everyone wrong!


8. Because Your Parents Want You To?

Are you getting married just because your parents want you to? In that case, please reconsider your decision! You are going to be the once facing all the consequences involved, not them. Also, if you end up having an unsuccessful married life, they too won’t be able to stay happy.


9. To Get All Those Clothes, Shoes, Clutches, Jewelry?

This could shock guys but deep down all girls are guilty of this. For getting all dolled up wearing those expensive accessories many of the girls desire to get married.


10. Out Of Fear?

If you don’t get married before 30 you will never get married or you might get married to someone double your age.


If you want to get married for the reasons mentioned above, you might as well don’t get married at all. Getting married for wrong reasons is worse than staying single and getting depressed. Find yourself a hobby, get yourself a job, invest your energy in something lucrative rather waiting for your prince charming to bring happiness in your life. Trust God. When the time comes, you will meet the right person! Don’t rush!


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