10 Struggles Only Women Who Love Wearing Lipstick Can Understand

Lipstick is a woman’s best friend. It makes you look gorgeous. A woman who is fond of make-up knows that her survival without lipsticks is next to impossible. However, as good as it looks, it comes with a lot of troubles that only those women can understand who wear lipstick all the time.

Here is a list of problems you must understand if you love to wear lipstick:

1. It Gets On Our Teeth And We Don’t Even Know About It:

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Sometimes, while applying lipstick it sticks to your teeth and looks absolutely hideous. The real problem is when you don’t realize it and keep smiling like an idiot.

2. It Should Always Go With Our Outfit:

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No matter what color you choose to wear, the lipstick must be in accordance with it. Getting all those shades is another problem!

3. When You Can’t Find The Perfect Shade:

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Now what comes next is how to choose the perfect shade of lipstick that goes with your clothes. It is the most difficult decision ever. And an IMPORTANT one!

4. Applying Lipstick Is A Very High Maintenance Job:

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That is because applying it just once is never enough!

5. If You Forget To Put It In The Purse:

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Nothing makes you sadder! The fact that you have forgotten to put the lipstick in your purse is simply devastating.

6. It Gets All Over Your Utensils:

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Whether it’s your coffee/tea cup or a glass, the mark of your lipstick will always be left behind.

7. Matte Lipstick Feels So Dry!

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If you are a lover of matte lipstick instead of a glossier shade, I am afraid you’ll know what I am talking about.

8. The Kids Will Use Your Lipstick As A Crayon:

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Kids are fans of lipstick as much as any woman on planet earth because they use it as a marker or crayon instead of what it is actually used for.

9. When You Smudge The Lipstick:

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The real struggle is to be careful when you have applied a dark shade of lipstick because even if you smudge it a little around your lips, you’ll end up looking like a clown.

10. Removing The Long-Lasting Shade At Night:

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We love those long-lasting shades of a lipstick that don’t require you to keep a check on them again and again. But it is a struggle to remove them at night.

Every lipstick addict can relate to all of these situations. If there’s anything you can add to this list then let us know with your comments.

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