10 People Around The World With Real Super Powers

Here are some actual people around the globe that possess real super human abilities. You won’t believe what these people can do, but it’s all one hundred percent true. It is time for these guys to put together their own Justice league… 

Rathakrishnan Velu (HE-MAN)

Can pull weights of over 200 tonnes using his teeth! He claims he got this amazing talent from an Indian guru who taught him to channel all his power to a single part of his body when he was 14


Source: anekainfounik.net

Hai Ngoc (Nocturnal Ninja)

He hasn’t slept since he got a flu in 1973! He functions completely normally and his lack of sleep has had absolutely no impact on his daily activities!


Source: english.vietnamnet.vn

Daniel Browning Smith  (Elasti Man)

He has been named the most flexible man alive. He can dislocate his arms in order to fit through an unstrung tennis racket! He has three Guinness World Records to his name!


Source: www.express.co.uk

Stephen Wiltshire ( Van Gogh 2.0)

Has the ability to look at a subject just once and create a sketch of it in full detail and completely accurate! He was able to recreate a scene of New York City after a brief helicopter ride above it!


Daniel Temmet (Professor X)

Can memorize incredible amounts of information.  He was able to recite the numbers of Pi up to 22,514 digits in 5 house and 9 minutes in March 2004.


Source: Tune.pk

Michel Lotito (The Garbage Man)

 Can digest objects made from glass, metal, rubber or other non-digestible materials.


Source: Tune.pk

Harold Williams (Pi-Lingual)

On average, a person can speak 1.69 languages. Harold Williams learnt to speak 58 different languages fluently!


Source: www.sapienplus.com

Veronica Seider ( Nocular Girl)

  She can see clearly up to 1.6 km away! She holds the record for being able to see the smallest of objects at great distances without the assistance of technology.


Source: pumpdown.com

Ben Underwood (Bat Man)

He Can see using Human Echolocation.  Ben lost his eyes to cancer and is completely blind.  However, using a series of clicking noises Ben is able to navigate the world around him.


Source: whosthebomb.com

Shakuntala Devi (The Human Calculator)

 An Indian woman, was born with the ability to calculate numbers far beyond normal human capabilities. At the University of Berkleyshe managed to accurately calculate the cube root of 61,629,875, and the seventh root of 170,859,375!


Source: www.indiatimes.com

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