10 Pakistani World Records You Probably Didn't Know About!

10 Pakistani World Records You Probably Didn’t Know About!

Our achievements, as a nation, are never highlighted enough. For this reason, here is a list of ten world records held by Pakistanis you probably didn’t know about:

1. Edhi; ‘Largest Volunteer Ambulance Organization’



Source: quora.com


2. ‘Largest Human Flag’ at the National Hockey Stadium, Lahore



Source: pmln.us

3. Zafar Gill; Heaviest Weight Lifted With Ear


zafar gill


Source: christiansinpakistan.com


4. Jahangir Khan; Most Number Of Titles Won In Squash


Source: thinktwicepakistan.com


5. Most Girls In A Car


most girls

Source: tribune.com.pk

6. Muhammad Ilyas; Youngest Civil Judge



Source: blog.pk.jovago.com


7. Largest Irrigation System



Source: wordpress.com


8. Hasan Raza; Youngest International Cricketer


Source: espncricinfo.com


9. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan; Largest Number Of Recorded Qawwalis



Source: en.dailypakistan.com.pk


10. Dr. Naeem Taj; Operating On The Oldest Patient



Source: thenewstribe.com


This is Pakistan. This is who we are.



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