The 10 Notorious Facts Only Interns Can Relate To

Congratulations, you just made out of college/undergraduate school. Now it is time to step in the real world and remind yourself how different it is from school, college, and university.

Nowadays, fresh graduates in Pakistan are looking for internships in full swing. A recent trend has started and you can find your friends gearing up for interviews as interns. It is a healthy experience. One such that instigates grass root levels of learning in you. It helps build some of the fundamental steps and skills which are integral later in your career. But it’s not easy at all. Being an intern is a unique experience and you learn a lot irrespective of the perils prevailing in the experience. So, these are the 10 facts every intern can relate to:

1. Expectations: we will get exposure

Reality: Yaar chai bana do, paani laa do, mera phone charge par laga dou


2. People think you don’t know anything because you popped out of your Mama just yesterday

Source: Tumblr

3. You get the tag of “intern” and are regularly reminded of this status

Source: Know Your Meme

4. Requesting for a stipend but getting the “exposure” talk instead

College Candy

5. Sometimes you get attached to your workplace and the final week feels miserable

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6. Meeting? You’d only stress why you couldn’t come up with those ideas

Source: GBCN – ProBoards

7. If you accomplish a task well, they’d go crazy how you did it

Source: The Home Planet

8. You’ll take every task way, way too seriously

Source: The Home Planet

9. The pep talk in the kitchen with your only friend

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10. You might just be the eye candy of the office

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As if college/university wasn’t a menace, right?

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