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12 Must-Have Experiences Before You Die!

Life is passing us by. Seriously, in living the life that has been planned out for us, study-earn-earn-earn-die, we forget to live. So here’s a list of twelve experiences, to name a few, you must have before you grow old and die.

1. Conquer your worst fear

Do something that you scares the wits out of you. Something you’ve been avoiding all along. And then experience the taste of liberation.


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2. Go skydiving, scuba-diving and bungee jumping


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3. Make a list of movies and run a marathon one day

And cry and laugh alternatively.


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4. Make a travel check-list and visit all seven continents

Collect stories.


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5. Take long walks along the beach


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6. Go on a trek


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7. Learn a new language


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8. Live in a foreign country

Move in, find a job, find friends. Live a different life for a change.

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9. Stay up all night on a high-altitude location and watch the stars;


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10. Go to an expensive restaurant


But maybe not alone?

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11. But also eat something you normally wouldn’t even dream of trying.


Even if someone else has to stuff it in your mouth.

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12. Quit your 9 to 5 and follow that passion that your family convinced you, didn’t have much ‘scope’

Learn to value YOUR choices, above everyone else’s.


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Most importantly, don’t forget to live.


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